LIFE Großtrappe

Project titel:

Grenzüberschreitender Schutz der Großtrappe in Österreich (LIFE05 NAT/A/000077)

(Cross-border protection of the Great Bustard in Austria)

Project Acronym:

LIFE Großtrappe

Contracting entity:

Österreichische Gesellschaft für Großtrappenschutz (ÖGG)

Project duration:

1.08.2005 - 31.07.2010

Nature conservation / Renewable Energy:

For many years, the collision with power lines was the biggest danger for the Great Bustard in Austria. The aim of the LIFE project was to reduce this mortality factor in the Austrian habitat of the great bustard and to achieve a long-term increase in the bustard population through additional measures.

Characteristics / innovative Solution / Content:

Numerous measures were implemented in the project period from August 1st, 2005 till July 31st, 2010 to reach this aim. All of the undergrounding of in total 47,4 km (10% more than previously planned) medium voltage power lines is finished in the two Project areas “Westliches Weinviertel” (33,2 km) and “Parndorfer Platte – Heideboden” (14,2 km). Thus larger areas free of power lines are available for the Great Bustard due to the LIFE project. The marking of in total 153 km (22% more than previously planned) high voltage power lines (110, 220 and 380 kV) is finished in all of the 3 project areas (80,0 km in the project area “Westliches Weinviertel”). Due to undergrounding and marking of power lines and various other conservation efforts the Austrian as well as the entire cross-border West-Pannonian population of Great Bustard clearly increased in the last years.

Media References:

This project was co-financed by the LIFE Programme of the European Union.



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