Technical statement “Windpark Engelhartstetten“

Technical Statement “Windpark Engelhartstetten“

Project title:

Technical statement and additional information on the supplementary request of the Federal Administrative Court of February 16, 2016 regarding the project “Windpark Engelhartstetten“

Contracting entity:

Windpark Engelhartstetten GmbH

Project duration:


Nature conservation / Renewable Energy:

In this court preceedings, the TB Raab was contracted by the wind energy company to appear in front of the Federal Administrative Court. The TB Raab therefore has experience in such legal proceedings and the state-of-the-art methodology in Austria.

Characteristics / innovative Solution / Content:

A detailed analysis of the breeding places and habitat use of the Great Bustard in comparison to the existing wind mills was conducted in order to determine the effects of the existing windmills on the habitat use. The TB Raab provided unpublished data for the Great Bustard and the wind mills between 2002 and 2015.

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