Habitat use of the Red Kite in the region March-Thaya North

Habitat use of the Red Kite in the region March-Thaya

Project title:

Study: „Habitat use of the Red Kite in the region March-Thaya North, regional concept March-Thaya”

Contracting entity:

WEB Windenergie AG, 3834 Pfaffenschlag;
Pro Projekt Baumanagement & Planungs GmbH,1030 Wien;
WindLandKraft GmbH, 2284 Untersiebenbrunn;
wind & energy GmbH, 7111 Parndorf;
Windkraft Simonsfeld AG, 2115 Ernstbrunn;
EVN naturkraft Erzeugungsgesellschaft m.b.H.,2344 Maria Enzersdorf;
WP Deutsch Haslau GmbH, 1010 Wien

Project duration:


Nature conservation / Renewable Energy

In the course of the expansion of the windpark in the March-Thaya-Region, a telemetry study on the habitat use of the Red Kite was conducted by TB Raab. In cooperation with Prof. Dr. Ivan Literak (Brno/CZ), 21 Red Kites were equipped with GPS-loggers to analyze their habitat use.

The investigation gave information in order to answer the following questions:

  • How is the habitat use of windenergy relevant birds (Red Kites, Imperial Eagle, White-tailed Eagle) in the investigated area for the regional concept?
  • How many and which birds collide with windmills in the project areas?
  • How do the collisions effect the populations of the affected bird species?
  • What impact do the existing compensation measures from the previous permit procedure in the area have?

Characteristics / innovative Solution / Content:

For the first time, Red Kites in Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia were equipeed with GPS-loggers, to create the basis for the biodiversity friendly expansion of renewable energy in Austria. In order to visualize the habitat use of the tagged individuals, computer-assisted Kernel Density Estimations were used. The probability density of the individuals was used to depict the areas were the probability to find a Red Kite is 95%, 80% and 50%.


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