The technical office for Biology Mag. Dr. Rainer Raab is for example responsible for the Species Conservation Project Great Bustard and is specialized in the creation of professional reports about environmental compatibility declarations for wind farms and high-voltage powerline projects. On this Website you can find, among other things, information about the team and current projects.


Tagging of Red Kites

In the last couple of weeks, the project Team and different Partners of the LIFE EUROKITE Project were busy with tagging juvenile Red Kites for the LIFE-EUROKITE project.

From 8th of June till 25th of June around 100 individuals were tagged in Germany and Austria and 12 in Spain.

The core idea for this action is to use telemetry technology to identify the spatial habitat use of this species and quantify the key reasons of mortality of bird of prey species in the EU. Until 2024, around 615 Red Kites and 80 other birds of prey (White-tailed Eagle, Imperial Eagle, Black Kite, Saker Falcon) in 39 tagging areas and 1 reinforcement area in 12 countries are to be tracked with GPS trackers to monitor their activity permanently. The tacked nestlings get used to the logger very fast and do not show any negative influences or changed behaviour. Due to tacking nestlings or juveniles the EUROKITE project will be able to follow birds during their whole lifespan, which gives not only inside in their spatial use but also in their feeding, resting and migration behaviour. Additionally, it will help us to track and prosecute illegal activities like poisoning and shooting.

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LIFE EUROKITE Project - The official start

Finally, the LIFE EUROKITE project has started. Thanks to all involved partners!

The "Central European Society for Raptor Protection (CESRP)" submitted the project "LIFE EUROKITE" as coordinating beneficiary before June 14th, 2018 at the 2018 Call for proposals for LIFE Action Grants. The implementation of this European project is planned in 26 countries of the EU or Europe with the support of numerous associated beneficiaries and co-financers. The new system of LIFE proposals with a 2-step approach (Concept Note - Full Proposal) was new to everyone involved. Nevertheless, the Concept Note was accepted, and we were invited by Angelo Salsi (EASME) to present a full proposal until January 30th, 2019. The full proposal was successfully submitted by the CESRP and in December 2019, the Grant Agreement was signed by EASME and CESRP. Therefore, the project "LIFE EUROKITE" is now reality.

During the last few months, the CESRP, the Team of TB Raab and all other partners were busy by implementing and organising the start of the EUROKITE project. We were able to agree on different kinds of collaborations, signed new contracts with partners and completed the first workshops on tracking possibilities.

From now on, our website will be updated with the newsfeed and information around the project and the actions.

Article about the golden Jackal and the influence on the Great Bustard in Kurier

On March 20th 2019 an interesting article about the golden jackal and the influence on the Great Bustard is published in Kurier.

Kurier Article (pdf, 147 KB)


These impressive photos were taken by our Bustard friend Jozef Chavko from the Raptor Protection Slovakia (Ochrana dravcov na Slovensku). The photos show an imperial eagle in the second calendar year, who was tagged on 06.07.2018 by the TB Raab in the March-Thaya-Auen in coordination with DI Hans Jörg Damm, Director of Agriculture and Forest Wilfersdorf of the Foundation Prince Liechtenstein and the professional hunter Stefan Weeks.
The bird stayed in Lower Austria and the Czech Republic for a long time after the tagging, but was spotted and photographed in the Bustard area Parndorfer Platte - Heideboden on the 2nd and 3rd of February. We hope that this bird will continue to provide many important information to learn more about the influence of the Imperial Eagle on the Great Bustard and to successfully protect both species.

Teilnahme an der DO-G Jahresversammlung 2017 in Halle (Saale) am 30.09.2017. Posterpräsentation (GPS-basierte Telemetriestudie an mitteleuropäischen Rotmilanen Milvus milvus - erste Ergebnisse), sowie Vorstellung des LIFE Projektes in zahlreichen Einzelgesprächen durch Rainer Raab.