Project: "Frog rescue" (fire water pond ALSO)

17th of August, 2022 the project "Frog rescue“ (fire pond ALSO) - because of the draining of the fire water pond in Groß-Enzersdorf frogs and tadpoles from the fire water pond were catched and resettled. As far as possible, all frogs and tadpoles were removed from the pond using nets with telescopic rods.

The individuals were transported using fish and frog transport boxes provided by us to Deutsch-Wagram. They found a new place in our office dragonfly pond.

We were able to save:

~ 4.000 tadpoles

~ 250 young frogs

~ 500 smooth newts and 20 adult frogs.

The rescued frogs were green frogs, marsh frogs and water frogs.

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