Mag. med. vet. Verena Strauß

Mag. med. vet. Verena Strauß studied Veterinary Medicine in Vienna and attended the advanced module “Conservation Medicine”. Since 2016 she has been working in the pathology department for zoo and wild animals at the Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology. In 2019 she completed a three-month internship in the Bird and Reptile Practice in Karlsruhe. In 2020 she completed a course in laboratory animal science (FELASA A and D) as a qualification as animal welfare officer. Since April 2019 she is working in the Technical Office for Biology Mag. Dr. Rainer Raab.

Veterinary Medicine – University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna (Austria)

Main working focus:
Animal Welfare Officer
Pathological examinations of wild and zoo animals, especially birds, in cooperation with the Institute of Pathology at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

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